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Morhun Trumpets



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A standard production model, the Insight series offers exceptional playability and a contemporary aesthetic at a competitive price. The Insight is built to spec with choice of bells:


#1: A traditional design that lends itself to all applications. Available in standard weight yellow brass (#1) or in lightweight gold brass (#1Z) for a wider range of tone colors and a little extra sizzle at high volumes.

#2: A slightly larger taper that offers a broader sound that will blend well with other instruments. Available in standard weight yellow brass (#2) or gold brass (#2G). 

#3: Designed specifically for jazz soloists looking for a modern sound that surpasses traditional designs in richness and breadth. Available in phosphor bronze (#3R) for those looking for a true solo instrument, or in nickel-silver (#3N), for a unique timbre with exceptional clarity and projection.



Additional customization available by special order. Please contact me by email to discuss specific details. 

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